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For more than 35 years Lwart Lubrificantes has been performing an important job for the country’s development and environmental conservation: the collection and re-refining of used motor oil.

Lwart has 15 collection centers strategically distributed throughout the country, a trained team, and its own fleet with over 300 vehicles servicing more than 60,000 generating sources, such as: service stations, oil change centers, repair shops, factories, shipping companies, auto dealerships, etc.

With two industrial units (Lençóis Paulista, SP, and Feira de Santana, BA) equipped with modern technological equipment, it has processing capacity for 160 million liters of used motor oil every year, and is considered the largest company of its kind in Latin America.

By re-refining used motor oil, Lwart saves money and precious non-renewable natural resources, in addition to preventing the pollution that could result from improper disposal of the oil into the environment. Oil and water don’t mix; nor do negligence and responsibility!

Environment and Legislation

Motor oil is a by-product of petroleum, a non-renewable natural resource, meaning one that may run out. According to the law, once used the oil is considered to be a product that could cause serious damage to the environment if disposed of improperly.

Re-refining is important to the country’s sustainable development, because it restores the purity to mineral oil, that can be reused endlessly. The re-refined lubricant base returns to the market via many final motor oil distributors and formulators in the country.

Brazil is considered a reference in the re-refining industry, because aside from having a good rate of used motor oil collection, it also has one of the most modern laws on the matter, which defines re-refining as the sole destination for this waste, as determined by Conama (Conselho Nacional do Meio Ambiente) Resolution # 362/05. It warrants emphasis that many industries are seeking to comply with requirements set forth by the recent PNRS (National Solid Waste Policy), while the lubricant industry is already a reference is this regard due to the many years of best practices focused on reverse logistics.

Group II

In 2012 Lwart Lubrificantes kicked off a new era for the national lubricant industry by producing Group II lubricant bases in Brazil. Investing in new technologies to effectively meet market and society demands, Lwart Lubrificantes has been closing the product's life cycle in an ideal manner: By returning a product to the market that is as good as the one originally used.

The company has built a new production plant for this kind of oil, keeping up with the progress of lubricants with a national product and offering greater formulation flexibility. Lwart's Group II has high purity, excellent temperature and oxidation stability, high content of saturated elements, and low fluidity point.

With a diversified product portfolio and integrated logistics, Lwart offers Group I lubricant bases and collection services in addition to Group II.

Quality Control

Striving for the highest quality of Group II re-refined lubricant base, Lwart Lubrificantes has invested in a new state-of-the-art lab. Manned by expert professionals and high-tech facilities, the new lab provides quality service and accurate sample analysis. All Lwart Lubrificantes' procedures are based on international standards that meet API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications.

Certifications and Awards

ISO 9001 Certification - Lwart Lubrificantes
Lwart Lubrificantes has an ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System (SGQ) since 2008. The certification attests to the transparency in our processes and our commitment to customers.

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